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What is an NIL Club?

An NIL Club is a unique, athlete-run fan community designed to financially benefit its member athletes. By subscribing to the club for a monthly fee, fans gain membership and access to exclusive content throughout the year, while simultaneously providing financial support to the participating athletes.

How is the team involved with the NIL Club?

The athletes themselves are integral to the NIL Club. They work collaboratively to promote the club, generating and sharing content for its subscribers. Generated income is shared equally among the participating athletes each month.

What is YOKE?

YOKE is the innovative software that facilitates the NIL Club ecosystem. It enables student-athletes to earn additional income through fan subscriptions, with minimal distraction from their academic or athletic commitments.

For Athletes/Administrators

What is the sign-up process for athletes?

Athletes can sign up at and then complete their registration through the NIL Club app. Upon joining, athletes must agree to our platform's terms of use. After setting up the app, they are all set to participate.

Can any athlete start an NIL Club?

Absolutely! We encourage athletes from any sport or school to launch an NIL Club. If your school isn't listed in the dropdown menu, simply get in touch with our support team to have it included.

Can high schoolers join an NIL Club?

We are rolling out NIL Clubs for high school athletes one state at a time. If you are a high school athlete you can download the app to see if your state is on the early-access list. If it is not, you can add yourself to the waitlist by contacting support.

How is the quid pro quo established for this deal?

Athletes receive compensation from the club through three compliant activities
  • Use of their Name and Image on club materials
  • Rendering promotional services to drive traffic to the club
  • Licensing, contributing to, and publishing content for consumption by the members

How do payouts to athletes work?

Payments are seamlessly disbursed automatically upon a fan’s subscription payment and student-athlete earnings can be withdrawn from the NIL Club App via Paypal or Venmo.

Who is in charge of managing the roster for the NIL Club?

The roster of the NIL Club is self-governed by the participating athletes themselves. They can manage their team's membership, including removing non-participating teammates, through the NIL Club App.

Will I also earn NIL deals with brands through this site?

This platform is designed to facilitate fan subscriptions exclusively. It doesn't facilitate brand deals. However, it provides a powerful way to earn income from fans in exchange for exclusive content.

For Fans

Why should I join an NIL Club?

By joining an NIL Club, you can support your favorite athletes and receive exclusive online content that's not available anywhere else. Your membership truly makes a difference and gives you a unique connection to the players.

Is there any option to make one-time payments?

Yes, one-time payments can be made by subscribing for a monthly membership and then promptly canceling it. This effectively makes a one-time payment. Subscriptions can be canceled by visiting and clicking on Manage Subscriptions, followed by selecting the desired team and clicking Cancel Subscription.

Do the coaches know about this?

This initiative is driven by the athletes, for the athletes. While not all coaching departments can engage in NIL activities, our platform was created by athletes keen on offering a unique experience to their biggest fans, and giving those fans an opportunity to provide support.

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What is an NIL Club?

For Athletes/Administrators

What is the sign-up process for athletes?

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